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the collective journal of THE ARK OF EDEN.

The Ark of Eden.
This journal is shared by all members of a three-person multiple group and is used when we want to talk about subjects of common interest among us. Generally, these include fairly tame stuff like reviews of books, music, or movies, discussions of what happens in daily life, updates on any projects we're involved in, and other random things.

The Ark of Eden:
We cross-edit each others' writing extensively and sometimes also use specialized internal programs to polish a finished product. When an entry has been edited and re-edited so much that it no longer counts as being one person's words, then it will be labelled as group work.

One thing that should be remembered is that, as a closeted multiple, we have trained ourselves to say "I" when it would be more truthful to say "we." Because this has gotten to be a knee-jerk reflex of ours, an "I" in any group writing can mean any one of us or a collective opinion, and can sometimes switch between these even in the middle of sentences. Therefore, it would be safest to assume that the target of "I" is always moving unless stated otherwise. :)
Signs with: --E.G. (for "Eden Group")

The Vulture (aka. Riss):
The frontrunner and manager/user of most of the internal programs. Has an especial fondness for theology/spirituality, stories, worldbuilding, analyzing things, and creative efforts in general. Tends to be paranoid and controlling (and is working on that), and seems to lack a full set of working emotions. Does not identify as human, but isn't anything else either--was originally a data-processing program that unexpectedly became self-aware.
Signs with: --R. or --Riss.
Personal journal: raininsunshine

The Dragon:
The oldest member. Self-identifies as a dragon and characterized by a rougher, laid-back, unruffled attitude and espousal of casual violence (sometimes as a form of affection). Has a high level of tolerance for weirdness and is very accepting. Is known internally for being wise by accident. Quite friendly, despite quirks.
Signs with: --D.
Personal journal: daggerskin

The Unicorn:
The second oldest member, identified as a female human of indeterminate age. Rarely ever speaks outright, but her influence can be strongly felt at times. Is very attached to Hello Kitty and other characters that were developed purely to express cuteness. Characterized by childlike, idealized thoughts and motivations. Is usually "asleep."
Signs with: (n/a)

Links For Increased Clarity:

I adopted a cute lil' gothy fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

(Now, this may look like a Goth Fetus to many...but to those who have eyes to see, it's obviously an Iori Yagami Fetus. "Asobi wa owari da!!" ;))